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Providing the most comprehensive enerygy storage solutions, ESS ASIAN offer battery , inverter ,EV charger, PV panel and other components at affordable prices. Collaborate with us today!

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Genuine Product Supporting

Delivering you the most genuine products, ESS ASIAN guarantees high performance and productivity.

Robust Technical Support

Our team of engineers provide free consultation for product selection, efficient installation and responsive technical advice to ensure business productivity.

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Within 24 hours, we deliver our replies to any of your concerns so that you can focus more on your business and minimize any hassles

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Having established a fast delivery system, we deliver within schedule for you to get automation products and meet growing demand.

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ESS Asian products stand out with their superior quality, advanced technology, and flexibility. With a focus on cost-effectiveness and sustainability, they optimize energy utilization, seamlessly integrate into diverse applications, and reduce environmental impact. Experience reliable performance, customized solutions, and industry-leading support for your energy storage needs.

Solar Battery

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Solar Hybrid Inverter

Wall-mounted Battery

Wall-mounted Battery

Advantages of ESSASIAN

Energy Storage Systems Battery

When choosing lithium batteries for energy storage, there are a number of factors that are worth prioritizing. For example, whether there is a powerful battery management system, and others. ESSASIAN is exactly the supplier that can offer a full set of battery solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

Multi Type Supporting

Flexible and easily installed, our products support serval types for your various installtion requirments.

Robust Technical Supporting

Our team of engineers provide free consultation for product selection, efficient installation and responsive technical advice to ensure business productivity.

Intelligent and Friendly

Discover the perfect balance of intelligence and user-friendliness with our advanced inverters. Experience intuitive controls, smart energy management, and seamless integration for an effortless and efficient power solution.

Intelligent Switching

Harness the power of intelligent switching technology in our cutting-edge inverters. Enjoy seamless power transitions and optimized energy usage for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Ensure Safety

Trust us for guaranteed safety of your battery and inverter with our comprehensive solutions.

Long Service Life

6000+ cycles

5 years standard warranty with extended option up to 10 years.

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Offer OEM Brand

All-round Customization Provided

Whether your business needs a standard lithium energy storage battery or a custom energy storage battery, Essaisan is a reasonable manufacturer of energy storage batteries.We can customize energy storage batteries by imprinting your brand logo, adding brand colors, and more to grow your business.

Brand info

Our professionals can customize the standby battery models by printing your brand logo on the battery and modifying the battery housing color to match your brand


It is possible to customize the specifications of the energy storage batteries, including energy storage capacity, battery voltage, charging current, and discharging current.


 Our experts are also skilled in customizing the functions of the lithium solar battery like LCD display, anti-theft, etc.

Process For Custom Battery/Inverter Solution

  • Free Cosultation
  • Technical Analysis
  • Sourcing Materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging & Shipping
Free Cosultation

The first step is an initial call or meeting to discuss your project in general terms. This will allow us to get to know each other and see if there is a potential fit.

We have a team of experts who are well-versed in the latest battery technologies and can help you find the right solution for your application.

Technical Analysis

From the internal structure to the electronic components, to the electrical performance, our technical experts will evaluate the feasibility of the solution and the technical know-how for you.

Your solution will not only meet your individual needs but will also follow the market trend and be accepted by a wide audience.

Sourcing Materials

The sourcing team at Essasian is responsible for coordinating with the suppliers to ensure they can meet the specifications set by the engineering team.

They work closely with the suppliers to negotiate pricing and delivery terms. They also work to ensure that the materials meet all of the quality requirements set by Essasian.


Our technical team performs quality checks at every stage of manufacturing to ensure that batteries are safe and error-free. Such a high standard of the production process, along with careful quality control, keeps your solution working well in any field.

And the fully automated production equipment greatly improves efficiency, allowing you to promote and profit as soon as possible.

Packaging & Shipping

The batteries are individually packed in strict compliance with international shipping regulations and are equipped with pearl cotton for additional protection. Each battery is well insulated to prevent injuries to people


With the advantage of a superior supply chain, Essasian can guarantee fast delivery. Our logistics and warehouses are more advantageous than our peers, allowing us to offer lower-cost solutions.

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3.0 Automated Production Line

Efficient mass production for short delivery times

Strict QC at Every Step

99.98% yield rate, worry-free after-sales service

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