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Professional Energy Storage Solution

Batteries Energy

Storage System

The optimum solution to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of power under all conditions. Providing essential value for operators by enabling a stable supply of electricity thus avoiding curtailment of renewable energy and maximizing their revenue.

Demand Prediction

BESS Operation Optimization

PV Generation Prediction

GT Operation Optimization

Optimization of micro-grid operation with ESSASIAN

Our ESSASIAN Intelligent solutions provide operation optimization of BESS and integrated equipment such as solar, wind and GTCC power plant. This intelligent solution includes technology modules of demand prediction, renewable generation prediction and BESS operation optimization. When BESS, is used with ESSASIAN Intelligent solutions, customers will minimize operational costs and maximize profit through the lifetime of the total system.

Air cooled Battery Module

Liquid cooled Battery Module

Air cooled Battery Cluster

Liquid cooled Battery Cluster

Energizing the Energy Transition

Energy storage is the cornerstone of a zero-carbon future from microgrids to grid-scale utilities. ESSASIAN engineering team pushes the leading edge of the industry, developing high-quality systems and technology to meet the increasing need for resilient energy storage solutions.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Reliable Energy Storage

ESSASIAN SOLUTION is batteries energy storage system manufacturer of energy storage technology to offer end-to-end control from the production floor to asset management. Fully customizable with the flexibility of being renewable or grid-tied, ESSASIAN Solutions ESS provide reliable energy storage for commercial, industrial, and grid-scale applications.

Built on a foundation of more than a half century of industry leadership, ESSASIAN Solutions Division combines next-generation battery cells and technology with AI-powered asset management to deliver scalable energy storage systems that open the door to decarbonization and the energy transition worldwide.

Excellent Manufacturer

Energy Storage System Solution

Multi Type Supporting

Flexible and easily installed, our products support serval types for your various installtion requirments.

Robust Technical Supporting

Our team of engineers provide free consultation for product selection, efficient installation and responsive technical advice to ensure business productivity.

Intelligent and Friendly

Discover the perfect balance of intelligence and user-friendliness with our advanced inverters. Experience intuitive controls, smart energy management, and seamless integration for an effortless and efficient power solution.

intelligent Switching

Harness the power of intelligent switching technology in our cutting-edge inverters. Enjoy seamless power transitions and optimized energy usage for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Ensure Safety

Trust us for guaranteed safety of your battery and inverter with our comprehensive solutions.


6000+ cycles

5 years standard warranty with extended option up to 10 years.

In ESS ASIAN workshop

Optimize the production of any goods with our affordable solutions addressing of variety work secnarios. We offer our advanced products and adequate stock to make sure stable shipment.

We provide high-quality products and services to ensure safety and energy efficiency during use.

Stackable Batteries




Why Choose ESS ASIAN

In supporting multiple applications, we guarantee safe delivery to your facilities and comprehensive services that help your business operations and lower costs.


Support multiple packs in parallel.

Wider Capacity Range

Easy Installation

Intergrated design.

Wall or Floor mounted.

Long Life

6000+ cycles

5 years standard warranty with extended option up to 10 years.


90% Depth of Discharge


95% Charge of efficiency


95% Discharge of efficiency

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