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Hybrid Inverter

Three Phase 12-20 KW

Discover the cutting-edge three-phase inverter, delivering a power range of 12-20 kW. Engineered for commercial and industrial applications, it ensures efficient conversion of DC energy into stable AC power. Experience seamless integration, robust performance, and maximize renewable resource utilization for heightened energy efficiency and productivity.

Three phrase inverter

Technical Data Sheet

Three Phase Inverter 12-20 KW

Three-phase inverter with a capacity of 12-20 KW in various commercial and industrial settings. It is commonly used in larger-scale solar energy systems, wind power installations, and grid-tied systems for commercial buildings, factories, and industrial facilities. If you have any questions you can contact us anytime. We will help you to find the best one for you.

The Reasons to Choose ESS ASIAN Inverter

Supporting multiple brands, our products are of genuine quality thanks to the support of qualified suppliers and manufacturers that follow industry standards.

Integrated Photovolatic

Energy Storage

Integrated PV and Enrgy Storage. Supporting variety of batteries.

Safe and Reliable

IP65 protection grade, high power quality,does not interfere with electrical equipment, ultra-low radiation.

Intelligent Switching

Support emergency power supply and seamless off-grid switching.

Wide Voltage Input

Ultra-wide PV voltage range 80v-500v, battery ultra-wide voltage range 85v-450v.

Intelligent and Friendly

Light weight body, easy installation,ultra-quite design, flexible communication mode.


Power Generation

Maximum efficiency 97.8%, intelligent MPPT algorithm,tracking efficiency up to 99.99%.

We Pledge 100%

High Quality Products

We strive for excellence with our three-phase inverters in the 12-20 kW power range, pledging 100% high quality. Count on us for exceptional performance, seamless integration, and efficient energy conversion, ensuring reliable and powerful operation for your commercial and industrial applications. Trust our commitment to excellence in every phase.

We only choose trusted component manufacturers and providers that follow international standards and have been proven to deliver high quality products.

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